Westport Lions beach property an important part of the community

Our Westport Lions Club is going through a very difficult time right now during these difficult economic times with liability insurance and many other expenses. They are wondering how they can carry on and provide the community and visitors over the summer with free access to the beautiful beach property, with a spectacular view of Sand Lake. For all these years everyone enjoyed the setting for picnics and where, years ago, they had professionals hired to teach children to swim and has provided play equipment that has passed all the safety standards.  When local residents have guests at their homes during the summer months, the grounds and beach area have always been open to the public, free of charge. What better venue for the annual “Canada Day”. Each year large crowds gather for the festivities planned and worked to make it a fun time, the fireworks were looked forward to all year. The Canada Day Committee was completely in charge and the Lions Club provided their grounds and made a generous donation toward the cost.
Popular events sponsored in the community over the years was a Halloween Party for the children; a huge Santa Claus Parade where individuals and businesses, make financial donations. These have been part of my life and enjoyed by my children for over 50 years and I could go on and on. The part the Lions Club has been responsible for in these endeavours cannot be measured in dollars and cents.
The Lions Club is taking this very seriously and are trying to find a way they can avoid putting the lovely property up for sale. They are trying to come up with an answer and the April 11 meeting of the club has been designated as a, brain storming session open to all ideas, expressions and opinions. Every Lion is urged to attend, hear the ideas, plus your own, then take a direction and be there to vote.
Lets get behind these generous and hardworking Lions Club members and show and tell them how much we value them and the facilities at Sand Lake. Maybe you have some ideas.
Lucille Bresee
Westport, ON

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