April 2012 Westport Lions Calendar Winners

Thomas Myers-$20-Portland;

Linda Lowery-$20-Parham;

Kelly Leadbeater-$20-Elgin;

Marcel Gendron-$20-Prescott;

Gwendolyn Tobin-$20-Westport;

Connie Howes-$40-Elgin;

Ina Black-$20-Westport;

Brian Fitzgerald-$20-Kingston;

Chuck Gobeil-$20-Westport;

Bud Murphy-$20-Godfrey;

Judy Cawley Scanlan-$20-Port Hope;

Joe Varrette-$40-Sydenham;

Betty Service-$20-Ottawa;

Dawn Morrison-$20-Addison;

Tim Galvin-$20-Camp McDavitt;

Gordon Fitzgerald-$20-Godfrey;

Donnie Warriner-$20-Point Edward;

Paul & Maureen Henderson-$40-Delta;

Carla Smith-$20-Westport;

Judy Cawley Scanlan-$20-Port Hope;

Clayton Gregory-$20-Nanaimo

Keith & Deb Halls-$20-Orton;

Corinne McAndrews-$20-Westport;

Janet Holden-$40-Ottawa;

Betty Mitchell-$20-Westport;

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