Westport Lions Club News

By Lucille Bresee

            The Westport Lions Club have had a busy spring with a number of activities pertaining to the season as they carry out their mandate to serve this community.

            The metal bin located at the Trailer Park Property and looked after by Lions Don Baker and Dwaine Smith, has been a great asset and they appreciate all the support they have received from club members and the public. These two Lions are ready to do whatever is needed to make every effort a success. Due to them and the number of Lions who volunteered to sell tickets for the cash draw and brought in the largest amount to date. Proceeds will go to the Beach Program.

            Congratulations to the winners: first prize, $1,500., won by Kerry Ryan of Perth; second prize $250., The Cutting Edge and third prize, $150., Pat Geiger of the North Shore.

            The Mobility Van continues with their runs which enables local people to attend medical appointments and great credit goes to the organizers, Lions John Rempel and Bob Weir and the Lions Volunteer drivers. One of the highlights of the Clubs present agenda is the awarding of a life membership to a most deserving Lion who has served in every position in the Club. Norman Reside could be well called – Mr. “No. 1 Lion” both locally and in others parts of Lionism over Ontario where he has endeared himself to everyone with his devotion and kindness to us all. He was a volunteer driver of the van in all parades; helped deliver Christmas cake, and Christmas treats in the parade, gave out treats a Halloween and was always available wherever he was needed.

            He is a Lion in every sense of the word, the award is gladly given and well deserved.

            In upcoming events is a hot roast beef dinner at the Lions Club House at Sand Lake on June 24th, with tickets selling for $15.00 and served at 5 p.m. Funds raised above costs will be used to pay bills at the Beach. For information contact Lion Wayne Bent.

            There is still 50 books of tickets on hand for the grand $10,000.00 draw on August 25th at the Beach House.

            Also the installation of officers and Ladies Night for the Club will be held on June 26th.

            Lets continue to support this dedicated group of men as they continue to make our Village, a better place to live.

            The first of the clubs 10 bingo’s will be June 27th. A rocking horse donated by Ralph Noseworthy has been donated to be raffled off for the Club.

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