September, 2012 Westport Lions Calendar Winners

Jack & Bernice Ryan-$40-Belleville;

Brett & Patti Taylor-$20-Westport;

Stephen Ottman-$20-Perth;

Howard Halladay-$20-Hartington;

Mr. & Mrs. W. Childs-$20-Winona;

Tom Lowery-$20-Kingston;

Don Snibley-$40-Susquehanna PA;

Dave Mantrop-$20-Westport;

Howard Halladay-$20-Harington;

Westport Fire Fighters-$20-Westport;

Robert Steele-$20-Westport;

Elinor Reside-$20-Westport;

Bob Campbell-$40-Nepean;

Helen Wilkinson-$20-Kanata;

Matthew Bond-$20-Delta;

Jean Hagan-$20-Westport;

Sue Hutchings-$20-Westport;

David Green-$20-Westport;

Christine Teal-$40-Tichborne;

Barbara Hill & Carl Ratz-$20-Godfrey;

John LaBarge-$20-Kingston;

Bob Traynor-$20-Perth;

Emily Mulville-$20-Perth;

Ross Burns-$20-Westport;

Candice Smith-$40-Westport;

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