Westport Lions Prepare For Nov. 24 Santa Claus Parade

By  Lucille Bresee

            As the Westport Lions Club moves in to the pre-Christmas season, a number of events and activities are keeping everyone in the Club busy. One of the main ones is the annual Santa Claus Parade which convenors, Lions Don Baker and John Rempel are making plans for the November 24th., visit of Santa Claus and an opportunity to feature some great music. Already, a Pipe Band has been contacted, as well as, the Perth Citizen Band and Rideau District High School Band from Elgin. Others will, hopefully agree to add to the festivities. Animals are a great drawing card at local parades and it is hoped that several entries of work and riding horses as the smaller breeds will be on hand. So many people have show dogs, pets and animals they would be proud to show at the Parade. Individual entries with local singing groups and Gospel singers are being approached to come on board and continue to thrill everyone with one of the best parades in this district.

            There will be a separate entry of non perishable articles for the local Food Bank and the Lions Club Mobility Van is a familiar sight on our roads to hospitals and medical centres and to help build up this fund, the Lions have announced that “any funds” given to the Mobility Van in the Christmas Cake distribution will be gratefully received and go to the cost of the Van.

            The parade has a unique, theme this year, “Christmas with Elvis” giving entries a great opportunity to prove that, “Elvis has left the building”.

            Paying for the bands, ensuring lots of candy to give out to the children during the parade and after when they greet Santa at the school for the barbecue to Santa following the parade, is a big item and the convenors of the parade, Lions Don Baker at 613-273-2721 and Lion John Rempel 613-374-2665 will welcome any call offering financial help or to participate at the Parade itself, directing traffic, putting a float together or being on hand to support the event.

            During this period the Club will assist Lion B. Garland with his popular, “Random” Act of Pumpkins event which is growing in popularity. They will also send a delegation to the Perth Lions Club when they welcome the Governor of A.4, John Chilvers of Manotick, on December 3rd  and to the Perth Santa Claus Parade on Dec. 1st.

            It’s a busy time but an opportunity to make Westport proud.

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