Westport Lions Club December 2013 Calendar Winners

Roger Diotte-$20-Bobcageon;

Duncan MacDougall-$20-Westport;

Penny Warriner-$20-Newboro;

Terry Doyle-$20-Westport;

Helen & John Parberry-$20-Apsley;

Helen & Rick Campbell-$1,000.00-Mississauga;

Peter Carty-$20-Kingston;

Pauline Green-$20-Perth Road;

Cindy Dopson-$20-Delta;

Judi Kelly-$20-Merrickville;

Jr. B Booster Club-$20-Westport;

Bill Haughton-$100-Godfrey;

Chris Kenney-$20-Lyndhurst;

Jacqueline & Mike McGann-$20-Waterloo;

Doug & Bev Eyre-$20-Waterloo;

Bob Lowery-$20-Parham;

Doris Jones-$20-Westport;

Vince Tomeo-$100-Albany, NY;

Ted Hughes-$20-Brockville;

Bud Murphy-$20-Godfrey;

Garry Warriner-$20-Newboro;

Lucy Holmgren-$20-Westport;

Tom Keates-$100-Elgin;

Lenard Mulville-$20-Westport;

Barb McCulloch-$20-Westport;

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