Westport Lions Calendar Winners for May, 2014

 Dean & Norma Taggart-$20-Elgin;

Madelyn Ross-$20-Delta;

Westport Rideaus Booster Club-$40-Westport;

Cathy French-$20-Newboro;

Joe & Pat Roddy-$20-Godfrey;

Bob & Barb Fisher-$20-Kingston;

Jody Ottman-$20-Perth;

David Marnivk-$20-St. Catharines;

Jean Porter-$40-Westport;

Roger Merkley-$20-Westport;

Joanne & Randy Webb-$20-Kingston;

Bob & Glenda McGregor-$20-Westport;

Sheila Riskie-$20-Delta;

Brenda Perrin-$20-Delta;

Frankie & Kevin McGregor-$40-Perth;

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Grenier-$20-Rochester, NY

Robert Beaudoin-$20-Otty Lake;

Evelyn Golden-$20-Dowling;

Emily Benjamin-$20-Ottawa;

Andy & Will Free-$20-Westport;

Jeff Kight-$40-Gloucester;

Maureen Henderson-$20-Delta;

Emily Brown-$20-Elgin;

Chris Wing-$20-Westport;

Kevin & Debbie Doyle-$20-Westport;

Dawn Harris-$20-Kingston;

Lyn Waddell-$40-Westport;

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