Westport Lions Roar

from Lion Michael.

The Lions cleaned up the beach a few weeks ago ready for anyone in Westport to use, no charge for use or parking. The beach faces westerly, perfect to take a couple of chairs and something to drink and watch the sun go down or take the kids for a swim on the weekend. There’s picnic tables as well. Taking you’re garbage away with you would help Debbie the new beach manager. When she volunteered she admitted she didn’t know much about managing the beach complex but she was reassured by Marty telling her that there was water and sand and that was all she really needed to know.

Our biggest fund raiser of the year is the 10K draw. The 250 tickets have been printed and ready to sell. $100.00 each. Sounds like a lot but this is a reasonable chance to win a modest amount of money unlike the major lotteries which are a minuscule chance to win a small fortune. Think of it this way, You’re grandkids go for a picnic on you’re back forty. They come home hungry, tired and a bit upset. They lost an iPod and in looking for it they left the picnic cooler somewhere and can’t find it again. Without electronic help the chance of finding the iPod is about the same as the chance of winning a major lottery, negligible. The chance of finding the picnic cooler is about the same as the chance of winning the 10K Draw, pretty good.

This fund raiser supports local charity specially for the elderly and children, sick and disadvantaged including: sending local kids to summer camp; helping local sports teams; taking Christmas cake to Westport seniors; there just isn’t enough space here to mention them all.

Call Kevin at 613-273-8690 and get your ticket now. They sell out fairly quickly.

To make a request for donation visit https://westportlions.ca/contacts/

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