Busy Week Ahead at Lions’ Beach

Westport Lions Roar

By Bob Reddick

IMG_20170704_124824_resized_20170705_061359985.jpgThis week continues to be busy for the Lion members. On Wednesday evening we have our annual Awards Night where we invite partners of our members and guests to help us celebrate our accomplishments and hard work. This celebration will feature individual milestones and awards; we cap the evening off with the presentation of the Lion of Year Award. On Thursday, we host a free barbecue for local seniors so they can enjoy each other’s company in our lovely beach setting. A contingent of Westport Lions will travel to Athens’ Farmersville Exhibition this Saturday to help the Athens club. This has been a long-standing tradition for our club to assist other clubs in their major fundraising endeavours.

The Club is committed to keeping the beach clean for the patrons’ enjoyment, and to prevent its closure due to high bacteria count. We know that many people use the beach from outside the immediate area so if we have the close the beach for any reason the status of the beach will be posted on the home page of our website: westportlions.ca.

On our website, you will find all information concerning the activities and work of the Lions Club of Westport. For the most recent information about our club and its activities, click on LATEST NEWS. The other categories listed on the right-hand side include details of the services, projects, fundraisers and groups that are supported by the Westport Lions.  Also check out our Calendar of activities, Links to related sites, Contact information and History (under “About”).   Also on the right-hand side are photos from some of our Lions Club events.  If you want to receive our bulletins by email, click on the “Follow” button on the lower right corner. Our site is constantly being revamped and updated. This site is dedicated to the memory of Larry Reside who created it. Please enjoy.


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