Westport Lions Newest Member


George retired in 2014 after 30 years driving a bus in the city of Toronto. A year later, he, his wife Barb and their two dogs moved to Westport, happy to leave the big city behind. Over the past two years, they have enjoyed getting to know their new home and what it has to offer, as well as exploring southeastern Ontario.

While a bus driver in Toronto, George often went a step beyond to help others, from sharing his lunch with a hungry man and ensuring women were safe at night to giving a coat and mitts to a man working on a street corner and buying a new bicycle for a child whose bike was stolen. At home, his skills and tools were available to assist friends and neighbours whenever needed, from snowblowing driveways to plumbing repairs and fixing computers. He has also always been keen to learn new skills and willingly takes on different tasks as a learning opportunity.

As a newcomer to Westport, George sees joining the Lions Club as a way to more actively participate in and contribute to the community and as an opportunity to learn from and share with others. He has a wide range of skills and interests which he hopes will be helpful in achieving the service goals of the Lions and he looks forward to meeting and working with his fellow members.


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