Lions Start the New Lions’ Year


Lions Bob Reddick, Don Baker (in tractor) and supervisor Kevin Northcott cleaning the Lions’ beach of seaweed. Depending on the direction of the wind, there has been as many as 13 bucket loads of seaweed deposited on the beach in one day.  

The Westport Lions held their first meeting of Lions’ New Year last Wednesday with 18 members attending. Correspondence was the first item on the agenda and it was decided that in an effort to streamline and cut down the number of emails sent to the membership that Lion Jim McGlade will decide what emails concerning Lions Clubs International and the blind will be forwarded to the membership.

If anyone wishes to book the clubhouse please contact Don Baker at (613-273-2721) or ( Don reported that many dates have already been booked for next summer. To determine which dates and times that are available, go to our website ( and click on calendar at the top of the home page.

As a result of a busy summer of fundraising, treasurer Jim Scala reported that the beach complex slightly exceeded our expenses for the year. The Club recognized and thanked Don Baker for his outstanding dedication and hard work for daily opening, closing and cleaning the washrooms, and raking seaweed from beach. Don in turn thanked Bob Reddick for his help in maintaining the beach complex.

To assist Don Baker, it was proposed that we form three teams of three to clean the clubhouse on a weekly basis. Don will be in charge and is responsible for creating a checklist on what is to done, and make sure all cleaning supplies and equipment are available. The members that volunteered are Jim McGlade, Bob Reddick, Dorothy Maynard, Don Baker, David Blair, Roger Merkley and Bill Garland. To help make the task not so onerous, Bob Reddick will create a schedule for the cleaners and will try to recruit other members who were not at the meeting.

Our Induction Night for four new members will be held on the September 27th meeting. Lion Jim McGlade will preside over this ceremony with the help from two past governors from Perth. The Club is excited to have the contributions and talents that these new members will bring to our club. The new members to be inducted are George Jones, Chris Norman, Robert Merkley and Rene´ Reynen.

Chairperson of the Calendar Committee, Jim Scala, reported that the calendars are now ready to be printed. The Club wishes to thank the 48 advertisers that bought ads in the calendar, which pays for the printing.

Chairperson of the Property Committee, Don Baker, reported that the septic system has been inspected and is in great shape, and has met all the necessary standards. It was suggested that we cut down the large spruce tree so it will not damage the tile bed. Lion David Lowery has offered to cut the tree down. Perhaps the town might want a very large Christmas tree for this festive season.

Lion Mike Robinson in charge of the recycling program reported that the recycling program is successfully making money. Your last chance to drop off items for this season is September 30th. President Bent thanked Mike for his all of his hard work and dedication towards the recycling program.

Lion Jim McGlade, chairperson of vision screening, will need five people to help screen grades one, four and six at Rideau Vista on Thursday, October 12th and grades one, five and eight at St. Edward on Thursday, October 19th.  Every year Jim and his crew identify several students that should seek an appointment with an optometrist.

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