Lions’ 2018 Calendars Ready To Roll


Lions David Lowery and Wayne Bent are ready to hit the pavement selling 2018 cash calendars.

At our last meeting of October, Jim Scala, chairperson of the calendar committee, passed out calendars to the membership to sell. As in the past, calendars are $20 for one, and six for a $100. They make great Christmas gifts. There will be a Happy New Year for someone with a cash prize of $1,000 on January 1st, a Happy Canada Day with a $500 prize, and a Happy Shopping Day on December 1st worth $1,000. On the December Saturdays of the 8th , 15th , and 22nd , some lucky person will win $100. All other dates from Monday to Friday $20 will be given out, and on Saturdays $40 will be awarded. A total of 10,000 dollars will be given out for the year.

The Westport Lions Club is endeavouring to cut operating expenses as much as possible. Don Baker will create a schedule for a few members to operate the club’s tractor for snow removal, and Bob Reddick rounded up sixteen volunteers to clean the Lions’ hall on a weekly basis in teams of two.

Lions Wayne Bent, David Blair, David Lowery and Michael Harris gave out candy to the trick and treaters this year in front of the library.  We have agreed to change our location to the entrance of the library to help with the library fundraiser.

Treasure Jim Scala gave a brief summary of all accounts. Jim informed us that the remainder of the money that Jean Merkley bequeathed to the club was spent on the recent renovations to the garage. He suggested that we place a plaque on the garage in memory of Jean.   Everyone thought this was an excellent idea so Jim volunteered to make it happen.

This past Saturday was a busy day for some members. We had a work bee to clean the brush around the wellhead and to store picnic tables for the winter in the morning, and then some members volunteered to carve pumpkins in the afternoon.

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