Meet our newest member, Robert “Bucky” Merkley.

Robert “Bucky” Merkley says he prefers to be called Bucky, “because there is another Robert Merkley in town and it is less confusing.” He laughs when he says he often gets calls to power wash some building, and him and Rob Merkley sometimes exchange each others mail. He came to Westport eight years ago to escape the hassles associated with any big city. Bucky was familiar with the beauty of Westport and surrounding area because his family had a cottage on Crosby Lake, and had many fond memories of the area from his youth.

Bucky’s career path was always communication and public relations. He started out in broadcast radio in Cornwall, and then moved to Ottawa where he spent time in educational T.V. and fourteen years at CJOH, which is now CTV as a video engineer.

Bucky joined the Westport Lions because he has always been interested in public relations and the community, in which he lives. In Ottawa, he sat on a various community Boards and he thought the Westport Lions Club was a good community organization.

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