Free Seniors Luncheon to Become a Tradiation

37117188_1575458892564598_2282188713054175232_n.jpgPresident Wayne Bent’s granddaughter, Olivia, was the highlight of a recent luncheon for local seniors put on by Westport Lions Club.


Westport Lions Roar

By Lion Bob Reddick

The hamburgers and sausages were cooked to perfection,” said Maurice Hutchings, “Very tasty.” That’s just one of the many positive comments that the volunteer Lions heard at the free seniors luncheon held at the Lions’ den on July 12th. Fifty-four local seniors were served hamburgers, sausages, salads, fruitcake and ice cream. For entertainment the seniors enjoyed watching families dig in the beach sand and splash in the water. It is such a gratifying event for the volunteers, and the seniors were so appreciative that the membership has decided to continue the tradition.

The Officers at their July 3rd meeting did a walk around the clubhouse and property and identified 20 items that needed attention. At our general meeting on July 11th Don Baker happily announced that half of the items had already been taken care of, and most importantly the digging of the ditch on Mountain Road had commenced and should help correct our excess water flow problem.

Bill Garland reported that the club set a new record in sales for the spring draw. He gave a special shout out to Lion Marty Hawkins and Johnny Norwood for selling $500 of tickets on Canada Day at the Esso.

Lion Dorothy Maynard, chairperson of the $10,000 draw, announced that the tickets are ready for sale. You can purchase these $100.00 tickets from any Lion member. The draw will take place at the Lions’ den on September 1st. There will be a barbeque from 12 – 2:00 with the elimination draw from 3 – 5:00 p.m. Please indicate on the ticket whether you wish to split the $10,000 if your ticket is one of the last two drawn. Also, if you have no intention of splitting the prize make sure you do not include someone’s name on the ticket just for good luck.

Lisa Walsh is thrilled with her new eSight glasses reported Jim McGlade. The new glasses are smaller, lighter, easier to use and maintain, and the power pack doesn’t have to hang from a strap around her neck but clips on to a belt. These state of the art glasses were obtained by exchanging the old pair plus paying $1,000. An anonymous donor paid for the new glasses. If you are interested, you can Google eSight glasses for a picture and more information.

Don’t forget that this Saturday the Westport Lions Club will hold their annual Rock the Beach Volleyball tournament. There will be plenty of great volleyball action for your viewing pleasure.


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