The Westport Lions Beach is Now Open for the Season

IMG_6902.JPGDale Lyons and Dwain Smith were cleaning the beach on Monday even though it was cold, wet and windy.


Westport Lions Roar

By Lion Bob Reddick

            The Westport Lions Beach located at 63 Mountain Road is now open seven days a week for the months of June, July and August. Last year the beach was voted one of the top three beaches in eastern Ontario by Wedge, an on-line magazine.

The beach features a rain shelter, two sand volleyball courts, picnic tables, shade trees, a great swimming area and lots of sand for children to play in. And the best thing of all, it is completely free to the public.

Beach coordinator Lion Bob Reddick has scheduled a total of twenty- five volunteers and Lion members to maintain the beach property.   This may seem like a large number of people but when you consider the grass needs to be cut, seaweed and debris needs to be removed daily from the beach and the change rooms require cleaning every day, it means a lot of daily maintenance. The membership alone cannot make this large a commitment so the Lions club requested assistance. The response from the community to help clean the change rooms was outstanding.

The Lion members that are responsible to collect seaweed and debris from the beach daily are: Jim Scala, Wayne Bent, George Jones, Dale Lyons, Dave Blair, Harry Beckett and Dwain Smith.

Lion Harry Beckett will cut the grass, with Jim McGlade doing the necessary trimming.

Picking up garbage around the property, cleaning, and opening and closing the change rooms involve a combination of Lions and community volunteers. They are:

Beth Moores              Bob Reddick               Cheryl Hanna                        Colleen Serson

Craig Jackson             Dennis Cardinal        Don Baker                  Donna Roth

Dorothy Maynard     Jayne Walker             Joellen McHard          Josh Anandappa

Nicki Doria                 Philip Hammond       Talia Morris               Wendy Briggs-Jude

If you happen to see any of the above people maintaining the property make sure you thank them for their help in making our community a better place to live.

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