Lions Getting Ready For Canada Day


IMG_1935.jpgJosh Anandappa (in the hammock) is off to Camp Kirk again this summer with the help of Westport Lions Club. To show his appreciation Josh and his mother have volunteered to clean the beach change rooms this summer.


Westport Lions Roar

By Lion Bob Reddick

            The month of June is a very busy time for the Westport Lions Club. Members were involved in the weekly recycling program, officers training session in Elgin where Bob Reddick, Jim Scala and Jim McGlade lead workshops on the duties and responsibilities of being a secretary, treasurer and membership chairperson.

Heather Huth organized a roast pork dinner to raise funds for the Canada Day celebrations.   The Club will provide from noon to four o’clock free hotdogs and drinks, a bouncy castle, a family maze and two face painters.

Several work bees were organized to clean the beach, spread sand and make repairs to the clubhouse and equipment. The maintenance crews for cleaning the beach and the change rooms and the grass cutters have been hard at work.

On June 13th the Westport Lions hosted a steak barbeque lead by Wayne Bent for 185 Lions from surrounding area clubs. This event is not open to the general public but is a major fundraiser for the club. The membership alone could not pull off this event without the expert help of Jeannette Harper, Donna Garland, Pat Reddick, Jan Gagnon, Penny Warriner and Jane Knox.

Members are involved with a final drive to sell tickets for $1,500 cash draw on July 1st.   Lion René Reynen is organizing a co-ed golf tournament on June 21st.   The Westport Lions under the direction of Lion Rick Warriner will again host the annual fish fry on Saturday, June 22nd. For further details on any of the above events check out our Facebook or website. If you cannot obtain current information on our website it is because WordPress is presently not functioning. We are working on the problem.





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