Lions $10,000 Draw Tickets Selling Well

Lions Wayne Bent and David Lowery installing a new roof on gazebo at the Lions’ beach.

Westport Lions Roar

By Lion Bob Reddick

Funds from the success of the Lions’ Spring Draw allowed the club to make some needed repairs to the Lions’ gazebo.  The gazebo has been recently painted and this week Lions Wayne Bent and David Lowery spent a total of 36 hours removing the old shingles, replacing rotten wood, installing underlay and shingling the gazebo. Although the roof is not high or large, it was difficult to shingle because the roof is made up of four sections, each requiring cutting a lot of material. The Westport Lions Club thanks Wayne and David for their community service. Also, Lion Dale Lyons stopped by to help clean the grounds and carry shingles to the roofers.  Many thanks to Lion Rick Warriner who generously lent his trailer to the project and took the old shingles to the dump.  

            The gazebo and clubhouse were built around the same time in 1991.   Before then, swimmers changed in the stone building north of the clubhouse.  If you have any information or pictures of the construction of the gazebo, please email them to or call Bob Reddick at 613-273-3499.

            Just a reminder that the Lions’ recycle depot located at 245 Mountain Road is only open on Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to noon until October 3. Gather up any metal you have and bring it in soon.

            Lion Dorothy Maynard reports that ticket sales on the $10,000 draw on October 10 are going well.  There are only 200 tickets printed, so if you wish to purchase a ticket, don’t dally.  You can buy a $100 ticket from any Lion or by calling Dorothy Maynard at 613-273-2079.

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