Lions $10,000 Draw Winners

Westport Lions Roar

By Lion Bob Reddick

Lion Marty Hawkins assisted by his granddaughter, Charleigh Hawkins, presents co-winner Bobby Mulville a cheque for $5,000.

President Jim Scala and Lion Dorothy Maynard, chairperson of $10,000 draw, present Sherri Barr with her share of the grand prize. 

            Congratulations to co-winners Sherri Barr and Bobby Mulville, who decided to split the $10,000 grand prize in Lions’ Annual $10,000 Elimination Draw. Sherri Barr was the second-last ticket drawn and the final ticket drawn belonged to Bobby Mulville from Westport. Prior to the draw, Sherri and Bobby had both chosen the option to split the grand prize if they reached the final round. The rules are that the grand prize is only split if both ticket holders agree in advance. Otherwise, the final ticket drawn takes the whole $10,000.    

Congratulations to the other $100 prizewinners, who included Marilyn Chisamore, the first ticket to be eliminated; Dave Mantrop, the 100th ticket drawn out of a possible 200; Janet Bain, the fourth-last ticket selected; and Anne Marie Koiner from Gananoque was the third-last ticket drawn.

           Lion Don Baker, the chairperson of the Lions’ recycling depot would like to thank Lions Wayne “Smokey” Sherwood, Jim Scala, Jim McGlade, Larry Arsenault, and Craig Jackson for assisting him with the recycling program. 

            The Westport Lions are currently exploring new ways to host our annual events and programs in ways that are safe and follow all restrictions. We realize that we need to do things differently and be creative. We are presently looking at alternatives to the traditional Santa Claus parade and hopefully we’ll be able to bring Santa Claus to Westport in 2020.

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