Westport Lions Club Re-Use and Recycle Sales Centre Busy During Lockdown

Lions Jim Scala and Cheryl Couper Scala are the driving force behind the Lions’ Re-Use & Recycle Centre.

By Lion Cheryl Couper Scala

For many years, Lion Jim Scala had been interested in the idea of having a furniture and appliance Reuse facility in the Westport area.

Late last year, several things happened to take this from an interest to reality, and put in motion the creation of the Westport Lions Reuse and Recycle Sales Centre.

First, a resident of the area offered the Club a donation of a quality piece of furniture left over from a recent move for the Club to sell and keep the proceeds. At the time the club did not have the facility to store such items or the ability to market them. This situation got Lion Jim Scala thinking again about the need within our community for a facility the community could use. 

Lions Jim Scala and Jim McGlade approached G. Tackaberry & Sons Const. concerning the possible rental of a vacant building on their property on Salem Road to be used as a Re -Use and Recycling Centre with all profits going back to the community.  The Tackaberrys who are avid supporters of the Lions Club organization, enthusiastically agreed to donate the use of this building to support this initiative. With the assistance of wife and Lion Cheryl Couper Scala  the Westport Lions Club R-Use & Recycle Sales Centre was about to become a reality.

Fast forward 6 months and countless hours logged by our team of unwavering Club members and volunteers we can offer a valuable service for the community. This type of facility and operation will enable us to keep useful items out of the landfill, save money, and support local public activities through the Lions Club. We have expanded the original idea to include not only good reusable furniture and appliances but tools, building materials and décor items such as lamps, pictures , mirrors etc.

Although we have not yet fully been able to open our retail operations due to Covid limitations, we have been accepting donations and making on-line sales since the beginning of the year.  We have also recently offered on-site metal and electronic recycling bins. 

To date, we have had overwhelming support from our members and community with both donations and sales, and we are looking forward to a great season for the Sales Centre and Recycling operations.

The Centre’s hours of operation are Thursday, Friday and Saturdays from 10-1.  Additional information on the Centre is available on our facebook page – Westport Lions Re-Use and Recycle Centre.  We can also be contacted at 613-273-5789 option #2. 

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