Lions Accepting Funding Requests

Ryatt Volleyball from Kingston concluded their season at the Lions’ beach.  Team Marbenators, from the left, Katie, Jordan, Sadaf, and Pat won by two sets against the number one seed, Awkward & Mood Swings.

Team Awkward Mood Swings comprising of Jojo, Glenn and John were the second-place finishers in the recent volleyball tournament.

Westport Lions Roar

By Lion Bob Reddick

It is time to submit applications for funding requests to the Westport Lions Club for fall disbursements. Please complete the application form and send it to the Westport Lions by September 30, 2022.

You can find the funding application form on the Westport Lions website, Click on the red link entitled, Application for Funding Requests, and then download an application form for individuals or organizations. You can either print off the form, complete it, and mail it to Westport Lions Club, P.O. Box 428, Westport, ON K0G 1X0, or you can complete the fillable PDF file and email it to 

All requests must be in writing before the club will consider them. Completing a form allows the club to make fair, non-biased decisions that are consistent with the Lions Club mandate and AGCO guidelines.  

In recent years we have moved to two donation periods. One is in April and the second one is in October. The two time periods allow us to fairly distribute funds throughout the year. It also helps us to see the big picture in terms of the needs of the community and to prioritize the requests. 

All requests should meet at least one of the following general criteria:

  • Youth mental and physical development with an emphasis on one of five Lion’s Pillars – Vision, Diabetes, Hunger, Environment, or Childhood Cancer.
  • Senior’s mental and physical well-being with an emphasis on one of same five Lion’s Pillars.
  • Relief of pain, suffering, and financial hardship due to illness or disaster.
  • Purposes beneficial to the community.

To ensure the value of our donation dollars is maximized, priority is given to causes that support many individuals as opposed to a single recipient. In terms of community requests, the club considers how the donation will be beneficial to the community. 

At our general meeting on September 14, Membership chairperson, Lion Kim Kelly introduced Bruce Paterson who is applying for membership.  Bruce spoke briefly about being newly retired and moving to Westport with his wife to be closer to their daughter living in Ottawa. They moved from Blue Mountain where Bruce was active in the Rotary Club.   Bruce has already shown a willingness to help by being a prep cook at a recent Lion catering event. 

It was acknowledged that many members work hard to make the club a success, but two members were given a round of applause for their outstanding leadership. 

Lion Bill Garland’s hard work and motivational skills resulted in the record-breaking success of the $1,500 draw.

Lion Marty Hawkins was commended for his culinary and organizational skills in being the lead for a big catering job for Watercolours Westport.  Marty also organized Westfest and is our number one ticket salesperson. 

Lion Wayne Bent presented a 10-year membership chevron to Lion Bill

Garland and will present Lion Terry Cowan with his 20-year chevron.  Congratulations to both members.

The membership unanimously passed a motion to provide this year’s Santa Claus chairperson, Lion Marty Hawkins, with his budget request.  Marty pointed out that all costs have risen substantially, and our budget must reflect the times.

This year’s parade will be on Saturday, November 26, commencing at 2:00 p.m.

Lion Kim Kelly reminded the membership that the fall appreciation banquet will be held on Wednesday, September 28, starting at 6:00 p.m. with a dinner followed by a slide show and games with prizes. 

Final reports were given for the $1,500 draw by Bill Garland, volleyball clinics and tournaments by Bob Reddick, Westfest by Marty Hawkins, and a Lions golf tournament by Rick Warriner.   Lion Rick pointed out that our 12-member team walked away with nearly all the prizes.  Lion Gary Warriner received hardy applause and lots of smiles from the membership for winning a bag of pillowcases.    

Lion Dorothy Maynard announced that the $10,000 draw will take place at Lions’ beach on September 24 starting at 2:00 p.m.  There are about 15 tickets left.  Please contact Dorothy at 613-273-2079 to purchase one.

Lion Jim McGlade requested the club consider installing a handicap beach access ramp.  There are many practicalities to be considered, but it was thought to be a worthwhile project.  Lion Jim was asked to contact the Gananoque Lions Club to learn from their experience in installing such a ramp.

Lion Jim McGlade reminded members to obtain/update their criminal background checks in preparation for vision screening this fall at St. Edwards and Rideau Vista.

Lion Craig Jackson reported that volunteer Jan Gagnon would be happy to lead the Christmas Toy Drive again this year.  Details will follow.

The last event for the beach season was held on Saturday, September 17 when Ryatt Volleyball held its second volleyball tournament at the Lions’ beach.  Organizer Marben Espejo wrote a nice note thanking the Lions for the opportunity to conclude their 2022 season in Westport.  Marben praised local volleyball organizer, Chris Hartley, for his support and setting up the nets.  “Our trip to Westport cannot be complete without the stop at the Vanilla Bean Cafe and Creamery for some ice cream” says Marben, “additionally, we were lucky to witness the many talented performers of Westporch.” 

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