Lions $10,000 Draw

On Saturday, August 29th, there will be a free BBQ at the Lions Beach starting at noon until 2:00 p.m. for everyone in the Westport and surrounding area.  Hot dogs, hamburgers, sausages, salads, pop and water will be served.  

The elimination draw will commence at 3 p.m. and should wrap up by 5 p.m.  Throughout the afternoon, ticket numbers will be drawn and the ticket names removed from the list. When the last 2 names are left, the remaining ticket owners have the opportunity to share the $10,000 prize, or take a chance at winning the whole amount.  Only 250 tickets are sold for $100 each.

Bring your family and enjoy an afternoon at our fantastic beach.  Music by Roy Breese.  There will be a bar for those of age who wish to purchase beer.

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