Westport Lions News – Oct 20, 2011

By Lucille Brezee for the Review Mirror.

As they count down to the date for their 65th Charter Night Celebration, the Westport Lions Club continues to carry out their commitment to serve the needs of this community and manage to visit other clubs for their special times as well.  On Oct 1st, several members joined the Sharbot Lake Lions Club for a dinner and evening of tribute in the Veronal Lions club hall for their 60th charter.  On Oct 22nd, a Westport group will travel to Kingston to be a part of their 75th Charter festivities and then will observe the Westport 65th Charter Night on November 25th at the Royal Canadian Legion Br 542 Hall on County Rd 10 for a dinner and evening of tributes and celebration.

Other important dates coming up include the annual Halloween festivities and Lions Don Baker and Dwyane Smith, with Bob Thompsons decorated trailer with treats for the children in costume, will greet them as they go through the Village for Trick or Treating.  This new idea has gone over well the past few years and seems to be more popular than a party at one location with costume judging.

A new fundraising idea has been launched in the club by a recently formed “New Ideas” committee under the direction of Lions Don Baker, Dwaine Smith and Dave Blair.  A bin for the collection of scrap metal has been installed at 9160 Cty Rd 42 with plans to sell the contents twice a year to GIM Scrap Collectors.

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