February 2014 Westport Lions Calendar Winners

Wade & Lynn Norwood-$40-Smiths Falls;

MJ Stoness-$20-Westport;

Keith Haskins-$20-Portland;

Linda & Bryane McGonegal-$20-Perth;

Les & Andy McGregor-$20-Napanee;

Yvonne & Jeff Gemmill-$20-Waterdown;

Janet Mulville-$40-Westport;

Rita Humphries-$20-Westport;

Ronald Woods-$20-Smith Falls;

Brian McNally-$20-Perth;

Golda Horton-$20-Mallorytown;

Gerard Paynter-$20-Whitby;

Adam Norwood-$40-Perth;

Lloyd Beverly-$20-McDonalds Corners;

Bob & Glenda McGregor-$20-Westport;

Robert Miller-$20-Westport;

Paul Brady-$20-Perth;

Carolyn Finch-$20-Campbellford;

Luc Frigault-$40-Niagara Falls;

Shirley Jones-$20-Maberly;

Patricia Doyle-$20-Inverary;

Bob & Barb Card-$20-Westport;

Cathy Savage-$20-Odessa;

Westport Rideau Booster Club-$20-Westpor

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