Lions recover from rainstorm of the century


Lion Bob Reddick accepts a cool gift from William Colford owner of Duncan’s Appliance Store Sales and Service in Elgin.

Westport Lions Roar                               By Bob Reddick                August 10/17

I now know why it is called Westport Sand Lake. After our recent deluge of precipitation a large portion of the three tandem loads of sand we put on the beach was washed into the lake. Lions Jim Scala and Don Baker were able to retrieve some of the sand by using a tractor rake. Like so many people in the area, our crawl space under the clubhouse and the public washrooms were flooded. A sump pump was installed to remove the water from these areas.

The Westport Lions greatly appreciates the support and donations from the community. Our Club is now set up to receive e-transfers for people that prefer to donate electronically rather then by cheque or cash. Simply send the e-transfer to

At our Board of Directors meeting held on August 1st , Lion Michael Harris proposed that we interview willing members to get to know our fellow members better. The discussion lead to potential questions that could determine the future direction of the club. Possible questions could be: What members like and dislike about the club? Why are they a Lion? What members are willing to do? What do they think the direction of the club should be in the future? It was agreed that Michael will refine his proposal and come up with a possible list of questions and make a presentation to the membership at a future meeting. The Club would be interested in any comments or suggestions the public may have concerning the future direction of the club. You can email your responses to

The Club has been asked to take over and organize the annual Christmas Toy Drive. Although we have always either bought toys or financially supported this cause in the past, it was decided that before we make such a commitment, we need additional information and a chairperson.

It has been a tradition of District A4 that the winners of the Governor’s Cup Golf Tournament host the next year’s tournament. As a result, Lion Gary Warriner is busy organizing this year’s tournament be held on September 8th.

Marty Hawkins, Bob Reddick, Don Baker, Wayne Bent, Harry Beckett and Michael Harris volunteered to run a canteen at the orienteering championships at Foley Mountain on Sunday, August 6th.

The Clayton Lions Club has invited our club to their August 18th Summer International Night on Wellesley Island at the International Rift Camp.

Chairperson Rick Warriner reported on our upcoming Chicken Barbecue being held at the beach on August 19th. Take out will be from 4-5 p.m., sit down dinner is from 5–7 p.m., tickets are $15.00 each, $10.00 for children. Hope to see you at the beach.




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